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how can i be rougher with my boyfriend without going so far that its extreme pain? Answered

My boyfriend likes when i bit him harder than a nibble and he says that i should be less gentle with him. Im willing to give it a try but i have no idea what a good limit is without going over the limit?


Since he has brought the subject up, he shouldn't mind you discussing it with him, chat about what sort of things he fancies trying, even if it's only once. You do need a "safe" word - something for him to say when you reach his limits. "Ouch" or "stop" are not good words, as part of the experience is to act helplessness. Instead, pick something that would not usually said as part of the act, such as "helicopter" or "television", and you may need to consider whether the word can be understood through a mask or gag...

word of advise...slow pressure rather than hard fast pinch.

Let him guide you. He's asking for more and he'll tell you when you approaching or going over the boundry.