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how can i build a pocket sized transmitter? Answered

so i have an epic prank in mind.  i would like to (while sitting in the audience of an assembly) be able to transmitt through the wireless mic reciever the speaker is using.  the frequency of the transmitter needs to be adjustable.  any ideas?


u can get a wireless mic from best buy, or... 1)make a recording of wut u wanna say and save that file 2) get a transmitter from best buy (I have a belkin tranmitter [like 4 cm long]) and plug it into ur ipod or computer or where ever u saved the file on and use the transmitter to play that recording on a certain channel (usually gives u a few blank ones like 88.1 to 88.6) and transmit it. 3) turn the receiver to what ever channel u set the transmitter to. have fun! :)

Because by not helping I'm creating a bit of a prank of my own.

Yep.  But I'm not going to help you create a disturbance.  Why not channel your energies in a different direction?