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how can i build a pump? Answered

i need to pump water out of a hole where a cracked water line is leaking. can i build one with a fan motor? i have no pics.


Depends on your application.

Pump water from a shallow (less than 20ft)or deep (greater than 20ft) well?
How much volume(gpm) and pressure(psi) are you looking for?
Based on standard house current at 110VAC or off of a car battery(12V) and how long do you plan to have this pump running (few minutes at a time or hr's or day's on end)?

Your question can be simple or a major under taking.

A simple pump, using an old wash machine pump and motor you can come up with a basic pump. This will work on a shallow application, meaning the pump can't draw water from a resavoir being very deep, maybe a few feet.
A sump pump is also a very shallow well type, works from a jet principle, but can't deliver a lot of pressure 10-15psi for a short period of time.

Water wells which are deep, > 30ft, usually have the pump submerged into the water which then pushes the water out vs drawing the water up.
Some of the older pumps were of a piston design, inefficient compared todays jet pump standards.

Otherwise an electric motor and a mechanical pump.

Hope it helps.

-from furniture lover

Thanks for your help. It's more than I can do myself. I'll have to buy a pump. Spit! jenna

Yes, in theory you can. You need a centrifugal design, like a leafblower. In fact, you could probably open up a leafblower, do a little waterproofing, and you'd be good to go. A gasoline one would just need a snorkel, while an electric one would need a little more... How big is the hole, and have you managed to shut off the water to the pipe in question?

thank you so much for your reply! but i finally found someone with a pump.

You're welcome. Having a big hole full of water is no fun unless you meant to put it there!

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