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how can i build a trickle charger? Answered

I want to build a solar powered battery charger so i need to know how to build a trickle charger i can hook the solar panel up to


not really interested. huh.

I have a very simple tricle charger that works off a power supply. uses a relay and a diode and a resistor And works very well without the overheating problem. cannot over charge the batt., And has a power tap for powering a shortwave radio. Interested? Private Message Me.

diode to as high current as you can (atleast 5 A)

resistor : R ohm = (volts of panel - volts of battery - 0.7) / amps of diode

for example 12 V battery / 16 V panel / 5 A diode

R = (16 - 12 - 0.7) / 5 = 3.3 / 5 = about 0.6 ohm

a 24 V 40 W or 12 V 20 W lightbulb is appropriate resistor in the example

now just connect all in series with the diode pointing from the solar panel to the battery

I'm sorry, I don't know much about this...could you be a little more descriptive????

OR, if you are feeling more technical, get a pic chip or other transistor made for trickle charging (less than $5) and use the above procedure for plotting the rest of your design. This will allow the battery to charge at one rate, and trickle at a significantly reduced rate. This can also manage temperature, etc.