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how can i builed a simple theatrewith puppets for the elemantry school children, from simple matiriales? Answered



A tri-fold cardboard, display board (used for science fair's) would work. Just cut a window in the middle, and add a curtain. The kids might light to decorate the outside too. If that's not big enough, just get a much larger box so you have 3 sides to work with.... something that had a large appliance in it would work. ;-)

I forgot to mention the puppets!

To make puppets, you could simply start with some long socks, and add material to them (from old clothes), to make the puppet costumes, hair, faces, etc. It doesn't have to be a big expense. Even using a long sleeve from a shirt could work. Just sew the wrist part closed, and remove the sleeve from the shirt. Add decorations to make the puppets into the characters you want.

I hope that helps.