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how can i burn a dvd? Answered

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I use Nero 8 which I purchased. Also, DVD Decrypter..
I put a slideshow here...
This is a quick and easy way to get 2 or 3 movies on a DVD.


8 years ago

Select your file or folder, right click, and burn a CD or burn DVD. It's that simple. It is one click burning software. CD burning software and DVD burning software has never been made so easy. No more wasting time creating image files before your burn. Burn My Files writes directly to the CD or DVD. Download the fully functional 30 day trial version now and take Burn My Files for a spin. Many DVD burning and CD burning software programs are unnecessarily complicated. If you don’t know what a ISO image is, or if CD Mastering is not your idea of a good time, then you can leave your troubles behind with Burn My Files. With just one click you can have your file or your folder burnt to CD or DVD straight from Windows Explorer.

*Video* DVD Decrypter (no longer supported, shut down by mpaa voluntarily) but still available here or there - extracts dvd files and breaks the css encryption. Then any dvd software can burn the files extracted.

imgBurn is by the same author, simply burning software, very helpful - can make all types of dvds out of source files. Also free.

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See www.tucows.com and search using "dvd burn" there are quite a few free ones. and a huge number of shareware and demos.

For movies I use DVDFab, for games, etc., I use Alcohol 120%. Unfortunately neither are free, if you're looking for freeware then InfraRecorder works great for me, but it doesn't get along with copy protection. You should also note that it's only legal to make backups of software/movies/games that you own.