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how can i bypass a magnetic door lock without cutting the juice ? Answered

how can i bypass a magnetic door lock without cutting the juice ?


buy a handheld EMP there really small, so you could keep it in your pocket.

You could use a EMP by leaving it on by the door and open the boom done.

If there is a card reader it may work on that as well.

You could buy it on ebay or the deep web / dark net. For a really good one.

If you do buy it on the dark net use tor.

Theirs a few very easy ways to bypass magnetic doors. As far as card readers they are easy too all you need is about 5.00 dollars in parts and a little knowledge in basic electronics. It may be bout 10.00 dollars now. Those prices were back in 98. The magnetic door part(s) depending which way you decide fewer than 5.00 and no need for any knowledge in electronics.

If you’re wondering I make extra money breaking into places “legally” and I am not a locksmith. A far as the earth magnets I would stick to using them on opening a Simplex door locks (made prior to on or about 01/01/2011 and/or a few other types of locks. Most of these magnetic doors found on businesses you would may need 3000 + lbs or more force to open.

If you are still interested and have not found a way to do this and I’m convinced your intentions are good I may give you some advice

I work on boats and Im always in and out of marinas that have these locks. There is a couple different yards that have magnetic gates and they cant give me my own card because they want to ensure no one will steal anything which i can understand however, they see me here all the time and they tell me to jump the fence when there not here which defeats the purpose but doesnt asllow me to get my tools in with me and they are open only on weekends during the winter months so I usually cant get in during the week unless i can get a boat owner to meet me there or give me there key but two of my customers go down south for the winter and another is out of the country for business currently and I usually like to get my work done during the week but now im stuck rushing to get everything done at these yards on the weekends which isnt fair to my family. I was just wondering if there was anything you could tell me to help me out? Thank you for your time and consideration


4 years ago

Just an update on this, I work for a group of schools that deals with kids with behavioural and social disabilities. Many of our sites use 300lbs magnetic locks on the doors. Today at one such site, I experienced a 10 year old kid exert enough force on the magnetic lock that it popped open and he walked on out. To two different doors. I then tried to replicate this, and I am not small or weak by any regard, and I could not do it. I then watched the CCTV footage and he appears to pull, push, pull really quickly in unison and also push up at the same time. Perhaps from his vantage point this is an easy option, but I still couldn't replicate it. Has anyone else experienced this or come up with a way to counteract it, as if this gets out I could see it become a massive problem with some of our kids. Thanks! =)


8 years ago

I'm not sure if this counts as cutting the power but you could always use an EMP

magnetic locked doors are almost flawless.. it will be far easier obtaining the right access card/code then it will to try and apply 600 kilos of force to the door.

Most Magnetic door locks have a starting pressure of 300 kilos of PULL force and the high end go up to 600 kilos. If you can exert 600+ kilos of push force then the only way is cutting the juice, the unit is normally sealed so trying to use magnets would not work

find neodymium magnets, the STRONG kind they use in car engines

If there's a motion sensor on the other side, trick it with something pushed under the door (or between double doors). Smile for the camera and enjoy your trip to the security/police/unemployment office.