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how can i convert an old nokia colour phone to a small computer, which can be used to download data from internet.? Answered

i want to make something like BEAGLE BOARD from an old mobile phone. 



I'm sure that someone out there could do it, but phones are so single purpose designed I just don't see how it could be done.  When you got it working you would have modded/replaced/redesigned every part in the phone.  And that's hoping that you done trash the phone before you get it finished.  You might eventually end up with something that works but it won't be even close to a Beagle Board and will cost 10 times as much.

The Beagle Board is a complete mother board with i/o ports, expansion ports, an OS etc.  That makes it an accessible computer.  You'd do better to save your money and buy one.

but some of it contains an ARM processor , right?.can i use it? 

I agree with this, you could look into maybe a mini-ITX board, I've heard that you can get them as small as a playing card.  (Maybe that's micro ITX)

Search "how to convert a phone to a supergadget...." it is a good instructable.  But I am with the others, using a phone as a computer won't work nearly as well as an actual computer.