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how can i convert line in audio to play on face book (uk)? Answered

im trying to up load music to face book but can even get the analog audio in to a file on pc via line in
iv tryed real player but can only get mp3 that i can get in to a file
there must be an easy way to do this similer to getting things on you tube
can any 1 help???


As far as I know, the only way to post audio or video on Facebook is to post it on some other service and then put a note on Facebook pointing to it.

ye i think your right if you put it on you tube - then put a link on face book.... seems people can only transfer wots on the web got some good vinyl i wanted to share with the world and some mixs

Warning: Relatively late vinyl may still be under copyright. If so, posting/distributing copies of it can get you in just about as much trouble as posting/distributing tracks from CDs. If you don't know that you can post it legally, don't assume -- find out.

Take a look at Audacity. It is a free audio recording program that will allow you to save your line in audio (and any other audio available on your computer) to a number of formats (if you add in the additional libraries).

CDex is good if you either already have a file or a CD.

Also, do a Google search (or my preference, Yahoo! Search) for free audio recorder or free audio converter. Tons will pop up for you to choose from.

Also, check Download.com and Nonags also.