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how can i delete steam? Answered

i have tried the given method.but some folders in the steam main folder are not getting deleted.they give a error message. i tried out that regedit method and have deleted the steam directory.but the folders are still remaining there in that main folder.how can i know tht my system does not have steam  any more?? 



7 years ago

When you exit steam, it isn't fully closed.You must right-click on the icon in the toolbar and select exit.Then delete steam from the task manager's processes tab. Then try deleting the steam folder.

Hope it works!


8 years ago

I don't know what steam is but I have seen the shortcut icon on some of the computers at work. I am also what you might refer to as computer illiterate.

I had some malware on my PC recently that I could not remove. A literate friend of mine told me to try a "system restore". You shouldn't lose any files or photos or anything like that, but you will lose any installed programs that you have put on your PC since the restore date.

Start→Programs→Accessories→System Tools→System Restore→Restore My Computer To An Earlier Time→

Pick a date to restore your system to, and anything that has been added since that date should be gone. Keep working your way back until you have the required result.

I am using windows XP.

I hope this helps you.