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how can i devlop my line tracking mouse robot or reprogramming it? Answered

hi every body
am new here and i like this site and people
i have an line tracking mouse robot
and i want to devlop it
or reprogramming it
can someone learn me how to make it more funny
see some details here:
thank u


It really depends on what you want it to do, your skill level and how much money you are willing to spend. I would suggest giving it a better "brain" I would try putting a Basic Stamp, Arduino, or other microprocessor in it. You could try putting the Arduino in and then try to replicate the original behavior with the Arduino. Once the mouse is under the microcontrollers control, the sky is the limit, add more sensors, give it Bluetooth, etc, etc.

yeah thats what i want (arduino) but am in syria and i didnt find any store sell this board can u tell me how can i creat a programmable borad or something else simlar to arduino,picax.etc...?

You could paint it, or add fur? LEDs might be an easy modification, but what about a piezo buzzer? L

thnx i'll do that after programming it again thnx

Make it into a cat and attach a fur mouse to the front so that it is always chasing the mouse but can't quite get it. Ohoh, Put fur on it so it looks like a giant mouse and put a small fur cat in front of it and it'll look like mouse getting its revenge!

thanx its good idea but am looking for programming it i think its no way without arduino or something else thnx again