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how can i do? thnx! Answered

Hi! i'd like to make a fortune wheel like the one in this video:



In my version the pointer is carefully balanced by a counter weight (may not be necessary.)

The coin falls onto a platform and over balances it causing the pointer to turn.

The coin drops into a tray. When the momentum is spent the pointer will stop.

HOWEVER - This being a video i suspect in actual life someone is turning th pointer by hand at the back out of shot!

Notice that the coin slot is above the wheel.  That's important because the amount of potential energy the coin could possibly give to the spinner is proportional to the height it falls.

Also notice the shape of the spinner.  The short end is wide. The long end is thin and tapered.  I am guessing that the centroid, and center of mass, of the spinner is directly on the shaft; i.e. the spinner is balanced.  Another way of saying that is it has no "heavy side" through which gravity could put a torque on it. 

Guessing there is another balanced mass behind the dial-picture with all the numbers on it.  I don't know the shape of that mass (since I cannot see it), but am guessing it is radially symmetric, so that it always presents the same ( or almost the same) profile to the falling coin.  A guess for that shape is maybe a disc with spokes on it, or something.

I am not sure about interaction of the coin with the disc.  Does it hit the wheel and bounce off?  Does it get caught in a little pocket on the disc, then pull it down, then fall out of the pocket? Or is it something else?

I dunno. That's all I've got for you.  I think the most important thing is that the wheel+spinner is balanced.  If it is not ballanced, it will tend to end up with the heavy side pointing down.

Balanced.. great!
thank you so much for the moment!

BTW, at 0:46, I was looking at the menu on the wall. I don't think think I've ever been to a place that sells both pizza AND sushi. I mean, that's impressive! Or maybe it just means I'm hungry...


Run a screenshot of it through photoshop, get it printed up at poster size, mount it on something like 1/8" plywood or masonite, frame it with a plexiglass front with a hole drilled in the centre for your spinner, and mount the spinner (also edited in photoshop and mounted on some thin wood). The spinner could be as easy as a nail or as complicated as bearings and a custom made pin.

thanks a lot!
but.. i'm lookin for the movement..
How can I make the mechanism that move the spinner with any kind of coin?
If you look the video, you can see that the hole is in the high part of the fortune wheel, so ,when you put the coin in the hole, there's something inside, i think something like a balance, that inprints the movement to the spinner, for the weight of the coin..
that's no easy..
Sorry for my english, and thank you so much.

Hmm, redesign time. Instead of a nail or bearings, use a gear motor through a ratcheting system (like how when you pedal on a bike and then stop bur the gears and chain keep on going) that will let you input some power but it will keep on going without continuous power. Ok, scratch that, the pointer attached to a motor (with low loading torque)will do.

For a quick method I'd suggest a momentary switch with the long metal tabs that is weak enough to reliably trip when a coin hits it for the initial input, have that tell an arduino to pick a random number of seconds under some arbitrary value (like 0.9 seconds) and have it run the motor for that long. Just be careful of how powerful the motor is, crazy things happen with big motors, like explosions.


6 years ago

you can see it from te 1.31 min till 1.41 min!

It's a music video?? can you ref the point your interested in