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how can i find out which part of my charger is malfunctioning? Answered

hello, I am desperate for help. I have a PWR+ charger for my laptop I purchased a few months ago, today it stopped working. What happened? well the charger still has some function, when I checked it with my voltmeter the output varied from 3 to 6 volts, the little LED on the charger was pulsating, not rapidly, but in short 1 second intervals. Could this be a problem with the voltage regulator? The required amount of power that a normal charger for my laptop outputs is a steady 14 volts, not sure about the current. Now my charger is useless and I don't want to spend another 30 bucks to get a new one, please help. Thanks in advance.


What about warranty? You said you just bought it a few months ago.

Last 2 chargers I worked on had different problems and somewhat similar symptoms.

1st was a generic that started to give some audible buzz and the LED status light would randomly blink on and off. Cable and plugs were good so I opened it up. Found a bad solder joint that broke at the base of a component. Soldered it up and it has worked ever since.

2nd was a Dell charger that had the cable go bad near the DC plug, making the staus LED go out after a few seconds. That required a rewire of the cable at the plug. That worked, but a new charger brought much better reliability to the situation. In this case, there wasn't any voltage at the DC end.

My suggestion is to carefully open it up and look for problems with a magnifying glass. You will most likely find it. Look around here or YouTube for how to open up the charger case.

If it is under warranty, send/take it back for a new one.


"Facepalm" of course the warranty thanks guys and or gals I feel dumb turns out I had 8 days left on my warranty good thing it stopped working before the warranty expired, anyways thanks to all who posted replies.

LOL... glad you found out you still have warranty. (Seemed like the most obvious option). :P

Some chargers (smart chargers) check that a battery is hooked up and not overly drained before they turn on. So you have to check voltages with a proper batter connected or you won't get proper voltages. That also means the it may be your battery that has died or gone below base charge.

Sounds shot to me. The pulsing says to me you blew a cap. That might give you under voltages, as well as pulsing DC.