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how can i get Congo blue and primary red gel for my infrared vision? Answered



You can try going to your local university theatre deaprtment and asking if they have any gel scraps you can have. Primary red is a very common color for theatres to have laying around, and Congo Blue is pretty common too.
Alternatively, go to a local theatrical lighting shop and buy some. If that isn't an option, buy online. Personally, I like Norcostco, but there are many other options as well.

+1. the use is falling with the increased use of led light sources, but they are still available.

And will likely remain so until the LED fixtures get a whole lot cheaper (i.e. affordable for small independent theatre companies to buy in quantity).

The LED ones are super cool, though.

I was surprised at how bright they are, although I can't say that they're as bright...I simply don't know enough. The color matching isn't quite up to snuff in comparison, but it's closing in.

Well, not quite. The intensity that you get from an incandescent fixture still beats the LEDs pretty soundly.
For their lamp longevity, built-in color control, lack of flesh-searing heat, low power consumption, etc, the LEDs are very promising and nifty, and I'm sure that in a few more years they'll get both brighter and cheaper, but right now, for sheer lumens the old-style units are the way to go.

True, to some degree. But it is happening. A former associate of mine recently bought a half dozen LED units for his playtime stage setup from some Chinese clone outfit, and they were cheap.