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how can i get an XGA display to work in a WXGA laptop? Answered

a little while ago, the screen went on my laptop. i didnt have the money to buy a replacement, nor did i have the paypal to get one online.
i came across an old dvd player for a car, the kind that you mount on the interior's roof.

inside, it has a 14.1" XGA LCD display.

i tried simply plugging it in to the display cable, but since its not WXGA the data wires are in different spots on the connector and the display isnt recognized by the laptop.

would rearranging the placement of the wires make it work with my laptop? i know it would be easier to just buy a WXGA display but i have more important things to spend money on.

if i can't do it, id like to at least know why. i'll just keep using an external monitor if it isnt possible.



5 years ago

Unlike for external monitors, there is no standard for laptop display connectors (no VGA / HDMI / DVI / DisplayPort etc.)

The graphics card's output circuit in your laptop was designed especially to work with the display in your laptop (or maybe the display was designed to work with the graphics card). Either case, your laptop will not work with another kind of display. (It may, but that would just be a very rare incident).

So, either get the correct panel (e.g. try to by a broken laptop of the same type where the mainboard is broken but the display is okay) or stay with an external monitor.