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how can i get more amps out of my power supply? Answered

just tonight i bout a 22v power supply for my powerbook 190, but it only supplies about 230ma of power @ 22v, the 22v is fine, but i need to get 2 amps out of this, i can go as high as 24v, can someone please help?



Best Answer 7 years ago

That supply won't do it, you're asking for nearly 10x what it was built for.
Get a supply that is right for the powerbook 190.


really? i really needed this to work, what am i supposed to do with it now? and i can't afford the power supply built for the powerbook 190, if a new rebuilt battery costs $100, imagine what the power supply would cost! (plus i dont have a paypal)

Sorry, but 2A from only supplies about 230ma is too much. It's like trying to drink a thick milkshake through a straw in 30 seconds - the device won't do it.
You might try building one, but that'll cost you in parts.
Ebay as an example lists plenty of power supplies for powerbooks (and batteries) at way less than $100 - do you know any one who might be able to do a bit of internet shopping for you?


no, no one i know has a paypal, and i already called all of my local retailers (except OTV Tech) and they all said that they carried nothing that was even compatible. im thinking i'll have to buy a third party 10-24v universal laptop power brick, but the only one i could find was at walmart for $50, although i haven't checked otv yet

Thrift stores sometimes have old power bricks for laptops, or whatever. It looks to me like Saskatoon is a pretty good sized town, so they've probably got a few thrift stores there. You should check these if you have not checked them already.

That's poor for you. Are you between living with parents (you get on with) and having a bank account?
$50 is expensive.


Like L. Says, it can't be done, but you can pick up a powersupply brick for WAY less than 100 dollars - even Canadian ones...


But I want to squeeze the power from a stone!

. You stand a better chance of squeezing water from that stone. :)