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how can i get rid of gophers? Answered

I have gophers everywhere and nee to get rid of them.



You may be interested in the products found at CrittergetterOnline.Com which have been proven (both through customer feedback and testing performed by the University of Nebraska) to be 90% effective for gopher control. The Crittergetter is safe for children & pets, constructed of industrial grade materials, and uses an abatement technique that folks have employed successfully for decades.

These burrowing critters are savage little beasts, however, it appears that the folks over at Crittergetter have finally accomplished something that has eluded the general public for as long as it has tried to scratch a living from the earth or beautify its surrounding landscape – furnish a product that actually eliminates any burrowing pest!


Link to University of Nebraska report: http://www.crittergetteronline.com/PDF/gophers.pdf

9 years ago

Im not even kidding you i used this technique a lot... it you put a few pieces of juicy fruit down the hole they will eat it and you know die....or else the more humane way is to put a hose in the hole you find turn it on full blast and they come out and wont come back.....but after you blow them out you have to go to the other hole u blew em out of and fill both hole up....hope it helps.!!

I've heard of using Caster Oil. hope I got that one right, the stuff that makes your tummy upset, not the car oil. I guess they don't like the smell or somehow ingest it and it makes them sick.


9 years ago

i heard u can put a fm radio on a rock or metal station (not talk show) and put it down the hole, hope it helps