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how can i get the admin password...? Answered

i have ophcrack and am having trouble tryin to get it to work i also have cain and abel and cant seem to get that to work for me either...i am also tryin to copy the SAM files.......even tho i am the administrator on my computer it still wont let me copy them...any ideas...?. also wtf is with pwdump6...desperate need of help... :S



Best Answer 9 years ago

While you are logged in you cannot access the sam files - they're locked for a reason :D Lots of boot disk options boot into a mini-linux to crack the password - from outside of windows where the files are available. Search for 'recover windows xp password live cd' and you'll get lots of options.


9 years ago

If you're the administrator, then you already have the admin password. If you're lying about being the administrator, then your failures are correct. Hopefully the actual owner/administrator of the system will catch and prosecute you appropriately.


Answer 9 years ago

hi kelseymh , i m trying to copy my own SAM files on my home network and i AM admin ON MY HOME NETWORK! i want to know how to get them to crack them on my network WHERE I AM ADMIN! so i kno how to aquire other network's SAM files the same way but for starters all i need is to know how i can copy the SAM files to my usb, from my computer on MY network where i am the ADMINISTRATOR.... kind regards and thanks for you help with my problem :)