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how can i knock out cell and gps signals in a 100 yard radius for 5 min? Answered


Step 1: Have your getaway car tuned up, and pack it with enough clothes for several weeks. Pack along enough cash to be on the road for about a month straight. Step 2: Build a large tesla coil that will generate huge sparks towards the ground, jamming a whole range of radio frequencies simultaneously. Step 3: Power on your jammer, get in your car, and drive to South America, using a false name. Step 4: Enjoy a nice, tropical drink while laughing maniacally, but to yourself, inconspicuously.

build a 100 yard radius circle of fine wire mesh, elevate it over the area, and ground it. But I would think you wanted more of a jammer than a blocker.

Sorry, you're right about the terminology... I just happen to frequent a store that sells this sort of thing and calls them "blockers" to get a little less attention from the law.

Buy or build a gps signal blocker. Buy or build the appropriate signal blockers for the cell phone services in your area. Turn them on. Wait five minutes. Turn them off. If you're in The United States of America, be prepared to have a chat with the FBI later that day.

Right you are. The odds of being caught are pretty low. It's the kind of thing they really have to be looking for at the right time and place. The penalties are pretty steep if you do get caught, and of course the raid won't be much fun either.