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how can i make 3D movies with a single 2D digital camera? Answered

 Is there any way you can make 3d anaglyph movies with a 2D camera?
if yes then how?

i saw one with beamsplitter but thats too expesive in my country!


For a still, you could set up something that let you slide the camera back and forth and take two successive images that way. (At least, for non-moving subjects)

For a movie, where the two images must be synchronized in time as well as offset in position, beamsplitter  is your best bet, with two cameras being the second choice (but synchronizing them that precisely and mixing the images down is going to take a fair amount of sophistication during editing.)

I'd recommend looking for a store that sells surplus and/or "seconds" optical components to hobbyists and/or teachers, and buying a beamsplitter and first-surface mirrors (and the appropriate filters)  there.  (The one I used to recommend no longer exists, but I'm sure a websearch and/or asking a few science teachers will find others.)

Note that a Featured Instructable already exists on this topic; search for "Anaglyph Camera Attachment".


8 years ago

I think that would be to expensive anywhere.

You will need two cameras, filming 3 inches apart, aimed at the same place, then look into adding red and blue color to each one, and overlaping them, so that each eye sees only the red or the blue, giving a 3D effect, it works the same for pictures. (But it's not easy).


Yes you are right. It is expensive everywhere! I only have the 2 cameras choice left!

Thanks 4 ure advice and knowledge.


Thanks for the reply but i have already seen it. The problem is the beamsplitter :-(

Thanks Alot for your reply!
I like people who try to help others! Thanks again.
(I am not doing this for the "be nice policy" BTW!)