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how can i make a bluetooth adapter? Answered

i am having this problem with my xbox 360, the xbox 360 does not run on bluetooth but i have already gone out and bought a bluetooth headset, so i was wondering if anyone had any idea on how i could make a bluetooth adapter for my wireless headset, in simple terms i just want some that will receive sound from my wireless bluetooth headset and will send out sound through the earphone jack in the controller, dont worry about the earphone jack i have that covered i just need the adapter


Found this interesting video that may help. The adapter he uses will cost you about $100. 

yes i have seen this video, this is why i ask on how to make such i thing, i know i would have the parts somewhere in my house.

The key is that bluetooth adapter. You won't be able to build the adapter yourself. Its not like you will be able to tear apart another bluetooth device to make it.

well if i could i would still have a problem, because i dont have any bluetooth device's except for my headphones and my cellphone (which i dont want to butcher) if i may put the question in simple terms it would be "how can i make a device that could read 2400–2480 MHz frequency" i have no knowledge on radio frequency and it would be much easier to change the frequency to 2.4 GHz

Chaning the frequency of a device isn't going to make it compatible with another device. You could make a 2.4 GHz receiver but it wouldn't be able to receive a signal from a bluetooth device. There is allot more to Bluetooth then the frequency it operates on.

i thought that migt be the case, but connecting to a 2.4GHz is easy, connecting to 2400MHz is where i dont have knowledge, if i knew how they created there items i would be able to create it