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how can i make a cameleon cage Answered



I'd love to help you, but don't you think you should include what type of chameleon it is?  They're all different.

OK, you haven't posted back so it looks like you're not really interested, but if you are considering a chameleon, bear in mind that they do have certain requirements to keep them happy.  They are not a particularly easy pet

They need to be given a spot heat lamp to allow them to thermo-regulate (move around the enclosure to keep their body-temperature comfortable).
They need an ultra violet lamp to allow them to synthesize a certain vitamin, otherwise they will suffer from bone deformities. Their live food should also be dusted with a calcium/vitamin powder for this reason.
They need humidity in the form of an automatic mister or manual spraying several times a day.
They also grow BIG. The tiny chameleon you buy will possibly grow to 2 feet in a year, and maybe more (depending on species).

Get yourself a good book specifically on the type you're considering and get everything in place before you get the chameleon.

Good design, but a chameleon enclosure needs to be higher as they are tree-dwellers and go up-and-down a lot.

OP - Please give more information about what type you're considering as their requirements are different.

What type of chameleon (veiled / yemen, panther, mellors, jacksons . . . )?