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how can i make a cb radio antena? Answered

i have a cb car radio installed in my house but have no antena how can i make one, and if possible

a big one. thanks for feed back


If you have a metal rain gutter on the eave of your house, you can mount a car CB antenna on it and, using an SWR meter, adjust it to work, but for best results, search the net for a CB base  station antenna and mount it on a mast  so it's at least 9 feet off the ground but the top cannot legally exceed 50 feet.

Follow the set up instructions carefullt with either antenna because a mis-matched antenna can fry the final amplifiers in your radio.

Note that amateur radio, including CB, is the sort of thing your local public library probably has at least five how-to books on....

String up a long piece of wire.  Maybe 50 or more feet.  Hook up and swr meter between the antenna and the radio. Connect the antenna to the center connection of the coax and ground the outside metal jacket.  Test the swr and trim of small pieces of the antenna until you get the swr down around 1.2.  You can calculate the size but being that close to other things will make your calculations differ. 

There are other antennas that you could build but this one is easy.  I used one like the when I lived in an apartment for a year or two and it worked pretty well.