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how can i make a cheap blackboard? Answered

i'm organising an event and need about 6 x A1 sized blackboards to sit outside 6 marquees listing the activities taking place in there throughout the day.


you can get blackboard paint in a spray can which gives you a smooth even finish!!!

at my Home Depot they sell paint that whatever you paint with it when it dries becomes blackboard material.


9 years ago

Get some of the big sheets of paper from the dollar store and stick them on cardbord.

Cut up large cardboard boxes - The supermarkets usually have stacks lying around and you will be doing them a favour if you take them off their hands. Cut sheets of the required size and then give a couple of coats of blackboard paint. Once dry, duct-tape each board to two bamboo canes to stick in the ground. Job done!
(You'll have to buy some chalk too ;¬)