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how can i make a cheap digital camera? Answered

i have been looking out to make digital cam. but have been unsuccessful to find proper parts and stuff for it so ,i wish you to help me by giving proper instructions and proper stuff for making a digital camera




7 years ago

ebay is ur friend u will get a ready made for very little

It depends upon what you mean by "cheap". I'll guess that you can't afford to buy one, and that means you'll have to do without - all the proper stuff costs money, or is already available built into cameras.


As Kiteman said, you can find a used one for cheaper than purchasing new parts.  You can find cheap digital cameras online, pawn shops, craigslist, yard sales, etc.  You can even haggle with people and at pawn shops if you do it in person.  If you want to mess with the camera and try improving upon it, work from an old digital camera.

It's practically impossible to make one from parts for less than a cheap camera actually costs.