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how can i make a cheap photocopy machine? sometime before i seen somebody using kerosenefor this purpose.? Answered

specially i want to know if body of machine could be made separately with managing some other parts of machine from market. it is ok not to have any unnecessary movable parts in machine.


Do you mean something like a mimeograph?  Where a stencil is cut with a typewriter, wrapped around a drum and cranked past ink rollers and onto sheets of paper?  The ink might use kerosene for a solvent.

You're thinking about using solvent to transfer ink/toner from one sheet of paper to another. It's not really a copy process as you get a mirror image in the first instance and you take print off your original.


Have you seen the price of kerosene lately.  It's price way too high for using to make photocopy machines now.

Look into buying one of the cheap scanner/printers not.  They are almost giving them away now.