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how can i make a drawing tablet and pen for pc from a optical or laser mouse? Answered

ive been trying to figure out a way to make a graphics tablet with a pen for photo shop& gimp using either an optical mouse or a laser mouse . think i just about have it figured out . i would just like to have some input to see what you guys think


Put the mouse electronics outside of the pen in a seperate enclouser


7 years ago

i'm thinking in the same thing.
but the problem is that the board is too square and big and i can't imagine how to put everything to hold it like a pen.
also i have a doubt: do i need to leave the plastic thing under the laser? it seems useful

if you have pics of some success, let me know!

try taking the sensor, buttons and LED and reattach it with long wires inside the pen tube

to be more clear you only put these inside the pen tube and connect them to the mouse circuit you may have a wire hanging off it but its a lot cheaper and all you will need is solder, wire, soldering iron anyway you feel like de-soldering.


4 years ago

here is an idea turn a ball mouse into a pen and have left click be on the back to switch between erase and draw and have right click when you press down and put it in a pen housing

Possible idea for solution, rig the mouse to a pen shape, make some sort of right left click buttons on pen, When I use the mouse in photoshop, I hold down the left click and drag, same thing just make the ergonomics of the mouse a pen with two clickers, no tablet needed just a mouse pad. Draw like you would using the mouse by holding the left click while using the tool. Seems that it would not take too much getting used to and could be cheap if mass produced, puta soft plastic nub on the point of the pen just to reduce the friction on the pad. Tell me somebody makes one, I want them for my art classroom (budget).


9 years ago

I like the idea, currently working on it. the problem im having is that the 'pen' is going to have a flat rectangle as a base and alot of wires comeing out. if you have any ideas on how to make it better drop me a line

well first off what kind of mouse are you using. second se if you can get a clear pen tip and try to fabricate it yo work. im going to also try to build one and toy around with it till i can figure it out so IL let you now how that go's.