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how can i make a flashback arrestor for my hho generator. Answered

i tried to make the one with bronze wool and it didnt work. any other suggestions because i rly dont want to blow it up again.



make a bubbler run the hho through a tube leading into a jar full of water you can seal the jar and put a inlet and outlet valve

2 pipes in a jar of water 1pipe to the bottom the other stops just inside the cap input is the long pipe output is the short pipe put some water in the jar gas the long pipe and bubbles happen gas exits out the short pipe.

See our free BIY Video series on how to build the reliable HHOG II Hammer EX flashback arrestor designed specifically for HHO. You can find it on our YouTube channel "InstallGuys". For more information on this see our website www.hhoglabs.com. Good Luck! Steve

just but an upside-down funnel over it