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how can i make a generator using a motor and a diode and store it in a battery (i need to make an invertor)? Answered

pls help


If you SPIN any motor that has magnets in it... it will generate electricity. If you spin it BACKWARDS... it will reverse the voltage. SO... be sure to spin it in the correct direction or you will power your device with backwards polarity and possibly damage whatever you connect. If you connect a BRIDGE RECTIFIER on the output of the generator... then the voltage will always come out of the bridge rectifier with the same polarity... then you could spin the generator in either direction and get DC of the same polarity regardless.

If the motor is a dc motor then if you spin it, it will generate power. You can use this power to charge a battery. The diode is to keep the battery from running the generator as a motor.

An inverter takes dc power and turns it into ac power.  I don't think you need an inverter do you?

a motor is usually the same as generator, doy you need a diode, er, do you need an inverter, what is it you are trying to do?