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how can i make a good stopmotion? Answered

ok im gonna try and make a stop motion with legos and other stuff but i have not done a stop motion before and dont have windows movie maker even though i should have it


yes, for pretty much every video camera, there is an option in it that allows you to take an image or video for only a couple frames, this will eliminate as much change in the background that occurs within that time. you dont need windows movie maker for this. there are other programs that allow you to make vids like that. the trick to making stopmotions is to make sure that everything stays the same in the background, and everything in front of the camera goes according to your ideas. make sure that the movements are as human like or atleast relatively human like. meaning dont make things choppy, you want the vid to flow as smoothly as possible, so dont make a lego minifig be in one place one frame, and the next, he is in a way different pose. hope this helps! :) -ksp

Frames are individual shots. For some films two frames per position looks good. Others may take more than two some less than two.

Check out SMA - google it.

Can you be a bit more specific? "SMA" is a brand of baby formula, which kind of dents the search results.

Try this link to lego stop motion

there are a lot of good resources and some free tools to get you started.