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how can i make a hole in a glass bottle? Answered

Okay so i have this sweet glass Pepsi bottle that i found at the store. And i wanna make a bong with it. I don't have any glass drill bits and don't really wanna buy any either. I did see a video where a kid cut a bottle in half with nail polish remover ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A4J7RcdsfM&feature=related )





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Short of oxy-acetylene torches, and diamond tip drill bits, I really dont think you have a way to go through with any amount of "safeness" for the bottle. Using acetone or alcohol aand lighting it only causes stress points an doesnt actually melt the bottle once you heat the bottle, you will probly end up destroying it when you ytry to put the hole in the bottle. you can drill it with a carbide tip drill bit and lots of oil but onece the tip starts to go through you have to stop before it goes all the way through becasue if you dont, the bit will catch the glass and break it. the reason glass bits work is cause there is no "blades" on the bit. only thing i can think of besides that is maybe get one of them diamond sharpening stones that look like a rat tail and put it in a drill.

Just use a butane torch lighter and put a hole in the glass

Actually this doesn't work. All it does it heat up the glass, then when you try to puncture the bottle, the whole bottle shatters (even if you have premade a fracture point) also, I think that you meant a propane torch.

you actually can use a butane torch, I have one and have been using it for a while to melt and shape bottles

I seen it done by putting a dime in a glass bottle shaking it back and forth by neck of bottle for about a minute then without losing momentum they smoked the bottle on side of there shoe with about a inch of overhang from bottom of bottle, as he hit the sole of runner the dime shot threw bottle leaving a dime shaped hole about inch from bottom of bottle with out a Crack.it was crazy to see

You put the link to a video, just watch it and do as they do lol.


3 years ago

use glass bit

OK, I Have done this with A Sobe bottle and it has been good for me for a whole year until my brother dropped to bottle and broke it :( . If the bottle you're using is like the picture (with the spirals and stuff) then this might not work as easily. With my bottle i wrapped the bottom third of the bottle with Duct tape, then cut a cirlce out of the tape in the location of the hole. what you get is a bottle wrapped in tape with a circle of no tape. Then get a file or something sharp and trace the circle a few times to give it a fracture point. Then I wet my fingers and got the tape around the circle a little wet so it wouldn't catch fire. Then take a lighter and really heat up the circle. when it gets nice and hot dip the bottle in cold water. For me it didn't break out completely but it made a nice circle that i finished with a Ball peen hammer and some patience. As for the rest of the water pipe. I used a guitar slide for the tube, a thimble with 5 holes in the bottom for the bowl, and a paperclip (bent to match the thimble and to provide a handle) to lift the bowl to clear it.

that sounds like a really good idea. i have have 2 really big erlenmeyer flasks and i think i will try this on one.

Hey there I don't know if you'll see this, but I was planing on making a hookah using an erlenmeyer flask & was wondering how your experience went trying to put a hole in one?

Idk if anyone is looking at this now but I was and I found this and it worked well! I accidentally broke the glass so I just duct taped the hell out of it. But I am enjoying my new glass piece; thanks for the tip! :)

Hey dude i know this was a while ago, but can you tell me if you took the SOBE sticker off you know the front one, when you made the hole or did you do it without the sticker on? and how should i KEEP it wet? thanks


8 years ago

An old stoner trick that never worked for me:
Put a 1/2 inch rock in a bottle.
Hold the bottle by it's neck and spin the rock around inside a couple of times.
Swing the bottle and smack it against your thigh.
The rock is supposed to chip out a nice tapered hole out the side of the bottle on impact.

Please try it carefully and tell us how it went!

Yah i tried that and it didnt work out for me to well either.

I was just roaming around online tonight and came across this. Anyway, I read this and decided to give it a quick go. I took an old wine bottle and used a high grit sanding wheel on a dremmel tool. I just hit it in one spot and rotated the bottle (so it would have more of an even circumference on the hole). I did it a little fast though and the bottle just barley cracked around the center of the bottle where the hole was made (that might have been from spitting on it though to try to crack the glass a bit). After that I took a 11/16 drill bit (wood) and smoothed the hole out a little bit and put a little gorilla glue where the cracks in the bottle were. After that I put some wood puttly/gorilla glue mix over top the hole and let it dry. After it dried, I took a 7/32 drill bit (wood) and drilled out an angled hole in the putty (where the existing hole was) and used a piece of .250x.020 steel tube (I get these from work, you can use brass or copper or whatever you can get your hands on) and cut the tube 3 inches long and bent it a " Z" shape (just with the corners a little more square 1.25x.5x1.25" <--- dimensions of tube per length) and use that for a slide. IT WORKS GREAT! If anyone is still reading this i can post a picture tomorrow for you to look at or you can just email me about it!

blow torch doesn't work, huge piece of the bottle exploded lol

A tile or spade bit might work. Diamond tips will work best though.

As most people have already said, you will need a diamond tipped drill bit. You could also try a normal drill bit and drill while running cold water on the glass, but in my experience with drilling holes in glass this usually never works.

I use a Dremel with a diamond grinding bit. I put the bottle in the kitchen sink, run water onto the bottle at the drill site (a slow stream works fine), I use the extension attachment to keep water off the Dremel tool motor, and grind through the bottle at below medium speed, rocking and tapping the bit but not pushing it - I have never broken a bottle that way.


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This is easy-- All you need is a "Rat tail" File- it is a round tapered file. You stablize the bottle to limit movement and vibration. Get some turpentine and fill a small squirt oil can. This is put on the glass in drops, as you use the file(which has been put into a variable speed drill set at a slow speed.) to slowly work its way through the glass. You will be most successful at a lower speed and don`t push hard. Let the friction of the harder than glass file, do the work. Because the file is tapered, you can increase the size of the hole to meet your needs.

Melt it, put it in a form (with the hole) and let it cool :D lol.

be careful using water and electricity together! can be problematic. use safety glasses, or pot goggles. try using a beer can, it's easy and fun to empty!

1, buy a diamond drill bit, slow to medium speed in an electric drill, continuous supply of water to cool it. 2, find some carborundum or aluminium oxide grit about 180/200 size make a dam around the hole to hold some light oil, fill with the oil and grit, use a round piece of steel with a flat end as a drill, use slow to medium speed. Look in jewellers supplies in yellow pages for grit. Sand can be used but is very very slow. In all cases dont allow heat to build as the bottle will break from the heat stress in the one spot. Slow down when almost through.

Hi, Piece of wooden dowel in an electric drill, dip dowel in oil or grease and then carborundum grit, grind, slowly, through bottle. texteditor.


9 years ago

Dude, dnt be stupid! Why are you useing a drill?!?!? Use a pump BB gun. Frm 20 ft away and a minimum of 4-5 pumps. Its fun and easy. The tricky part is aiming it, then theres a perfect hole. oh yea its a little hole but use a pencil to poke a better hole without beaking it.


9 years ago

You could use the bottle cap for the bowl.

A short piece of flared copper tubing. That's what I heard works.

An electric engraver works very well. Just pick your spot and create the hole using slow pressure. You can buy an enexpensive engraver at Wal-Mart for under $10.00.

Go on ebay-DIAMOND DRILLS.you will see drills and core drills all sizes,they are made in china but do the job.glass,quartz,agate,i have drilled and taken a core out of them all,slow speed and tape a guide to start so you dont have the drill running all over the place.use water or machine shop drilling oil to help with cutting.not a problem go for it.

. Use an ice pick or knife with a sharp point to peck your way through. VERY slow, but it works.

I have successfully drilled holes in glass with a dremel-type spherical grinding bit.


9 years ago

Submerge it underwater and then drill with a normal drill bit. Works for ceramics probably would work for glass although I'd try on something else first.

The method of using nail polisher remover and string wouldn't work. That method induces a stress fracture break. You'd crack a at least a chunk out of your bottle if not shatter it. To my knowledge, the only way to create a hole in a glass bottle without drilling, would be using a glassblowers torch, focused to a point, to soften the glass and you could poke a hole into it that way. But I can't remember if you can use a plain propane torch to do that.