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how can i make a homemade airsoft rifle? Answered

How can i make a homemade airsoft rifle easily, cheaply, quickly and it has to be fairly powerful, i mean theres no point making an airsoft rifle that only works indoors. it can be bolt action but it has to have a magazine, semi of fully auto is better. it doesnt matter if it is compressed air or spring.


get a big coke bottle, air valve (cheap water bomb filler), and a tube.Screw the valve onto the bottle and hot glue it for sealing, then hot glue the tube onto the end of the valve. Open the valve and pump air into the bottle then close the valve when it gets around twenty or thirty PSI (pounds per square inch) then drop a bb in and aim the barrel at your target or opponent and let the valve open!

Just go to youtube.com or look on here for how to make a air gun....and instead of having 1/2 PVC piping get a reducer to 6mm. Then you have add a pump on it then rigg some sort of clip and there you go.Just make sure the barrel is long or it won't be the best. the total might be close to $20 US dollars or less or more it depends on what you have at home.