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how can i make a mini project with microcontroller and what is your suugestion for me..? Answered

Friends i am doing Electronics and Communication Engineering,3rd year,so i like to submit a paper for a mini project event ,as it is new to me,i am blanked of what can i do,so please help me what are all the project that i can choose related to my department ECE..waiting for your reply's.

it might be from Micro controller,alarm,timer,ic,



7 years ago

Just do something that your classmates will think is cool, and your teachers think is impressive. There are plenty of projects here like that; use them for inspiration!

The beauty of uC is they can do practically anything you would want a portable 'computer' to do (without getting into multimedia).

A theme that always scores well is "improved of quality of life for the disabled/lesser abled".

As for specifics, things to keep in mind -- communications/networking is fun, stuff that lights up/blinks/makes sound is fun.

Lastly, haptic games -- stuff that simulates the real world, in the real world, without taking part in the real world :D