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how can i make a modal of my hand so i can use it as a shape to work on? Answered


Alginate is a simple way to create a mold and there are a bunch of things you can cast it with after depending on the level of detail and toughness you want.

This is the first hit off a youtube search: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES6BOZ-N9dM

Hope it helps

Only slight problem, if it matters, is post-cure shrinkage, as the material dries.

Shouldn't matter in this case - I have done face masks with it and got a good likeness.

If the mold shrinks would that not create a mask that is a bit too small and actually reduce wrinkles? :P


You could fill a rubber glove with sand - Put some wire inside to make it posable and use that.

Plaster in the glove makes for a more permanent fix.

I would make a mould in Alginate and fill with plaster of Paris

DO NOT put your hand in a bucket of Plaster in the hope of making a mould.

The plaster gets VERY HOT and you will not be able to remove your hand once it is set USE ALGINATE.

Every year or so a student in the UK puts their hand or hands in a bucket and gets injured from sever burned up to having limbs amputated.

Woah! Never knew. Nasty!


That looks like it was taken just before an attempt to rebuild some function with her toes.....it looks like her skin has been "ballooned" to generate some spares for the plastic surgery team.

Permanent ouch! I had no idea plaster got so hot., either. 8-/

She put her BOTH hands in a BUCKET full of wet plaster - Apparently With the art teachers approval! -

In the safety notice that went round the schools it claimed there had been 5 similar but less damaging incidents in the past 10 years.

Here's what might just help you.....

Both of these are excellent instructables for the job you intend to do....  :D

You might also wanna have a look at these....
It's an instructable on how to make a plaster face cast by SelkeyMoonbeam. It rigorously explains, the entire casting process...  :D
Yet another similar instructable is this one....

Keeping in mind what rickharris and FoolishSage have said (and both of them are indeed correct!!!), I'd say, reading the above instructables, shall do the job for you and you shall soon have your own hand's model to work on!!!... :D

Hope this answers your question!!!.... :D