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how can i make a physical model of engine working on water? Answered




6 years ago

If it's just a model and doesn't HAVE to be operating, you can make the physical representation of this animation, which will run on water.

Get a piece of PVC pipe and a drill bit of a size that fills it but isn't snug. Cut a hole in the side of the pipe so you can see the drill bit as it spins.

This is a representation of the "Mud Motor," which would run on water too. Better known as the Progressive Cavity Positive Displacement Pump, it's a lot like the exhaust powered motor on a car that is known as the turbocharger. Drillig for oil they have a lot of earth to move out of the way, this uses that motion to power more drilling. Almost like a  perpetual motion machine. Almost.

As others  have been trying to tell you, the only way you can power an engine with water (NOT the components of water) is by using the flow of it, a la the water wheel. Anyone claiming to be BURNING water is a conartist attempting to steal money. Don't listen.

However, there IS a way to use water as a part of fuel. Alcohol and water stick together, unlike gas and water. The internal combustion engine must release unburned fuel to carry heat from the cylinder, so if there could be water in there to turn to steam then come raining down later, pollution is reduced and fuel resources are saved.

Oh, the efforts that went into trying to inject water vapor in the combat plane engines during World War II. This is what the socalled hydrogen converters the criminal minds are selling to the public current are based on. There's not a problem conveying water to the cylinder if it's mixed with alcohol, therefore you can use less alcohol by mixing water, right . . . ?

(Please note that statement seems unfinished.)


6 years ago

I have had an idea to convert normal engines to run on water however you would have to use electrollisis to split the molecules so it is possible how ever its practicality relies on where you get the electricity from

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If you mean an engine that burns water: That's a myth. Water is fully combusted hydrogen. It can't be used as a fuel except by cracking it back into H2 and O2, and that takes more energy than is recovered by burning it.

.  I'm not sure what you mean. Like a turbine or waterwheel? An engine that runs on H2 and O2 (cracked water)?

Do you mean an engine, or a turbine ?