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how can i make a protein skimmer for my reef a save money? how can make my own reef light hood under 20 dollers Answered

all so how can i make a uv sterilizer for under 10 dollers


im in the process of making a protien skimmer for about £15, im gonna make an instructable as soon as im done

get a razor blade and scrim the crud out of it!!! ( but seriously, try it)

there are plenty of protein skimmer ideas on the web i have never built one myself but its worth a look for the aquarium reef light you will need to find a bulb with a spectrum of at least 10,000 to keep any type of coral. also you want to remember that most people like to have about 4-5 watts per gallon of water you will need a reflector too DON'T USE ALUMINUM FOIL the aluminum foil when it gets wet over time it can leak harmful metals into your tank not sure about the uv sterilizer

. Aquarium light - any fluorescent fixture will work (as long as you keep the saltwater away from it), it's the light spectrum and photoperiod that are important. You can get the right spectrum with special tubes or by using filters. You can find suitable timers at most hardware stores or places that sell supplies for indoor growing. . Sterilizer - find some UV-transparent flexible tubing and wrap it around a UV fluorescent tube. Keep all tubing connections well away from the fixture. . Protein skimmer - no idea. I used under-gravel and mechanical filters with frequent, small water changes.