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how can i make a solar cell??? Answered

please give me the materials and instructions...thank you!!


Look up youtube user: Nurdrage
He has a video on how to make a solar cell out of several chemicals and materials that can be done by your average joe.

It uses titanium dioxide, acetic acid, dishwashing detergent,
indium tin oxide glass, alcohol, carbon (from a burning candle), pure iodine, potassium iodide, ethylene glycol, and raspberries.

The solar cell itself isn't meant to power much. It can only supply a few microamps, making it pretty much useless. When you hook it up to a multimeter though, it CLEARLY reacts to light.

However, if you're looking to build a solar cell to actually power something, forget about it. Like iknowvations said below, silicon itself is cheap, but the technology and machinery used to process it is not. I live close to the University of Michigan, and they had a small scale semiconductor fabrication lab installed in one of their buildings. I had the privilege to tour the facility, and everyone who came got to make and process their own little piece of silicon to take home. Someone there asked how much the plant cost, and the director said it cost them about $4 billion to buy and install! Bear in mind this is SMALL SCALE, and the stuff they do there is nowhere NEAR on par with what large semiconductor plants can do.
I remember asking the very same question you just asked when I was younger, and when I heard the answer, I was disappointed to say the least. But believe me when I say, it's just not practical.

I think the silicon has a negative dopant already in it . Maybe boron. Look it up on a periodic table. I have a question as to where to get phosphorous dopant. Maybe matches will work. Maybe I will test the diodes for current from solar. I think the first test had no current at all.

I bought some solar cells that looked a bit crooked on ebay. I made a small vacuum chamber with nichrome wire. There is no cryopump hooked up. I used aluminum powder on a silicon wafer. I sanded off the oxide layer with 100 grit . I put powdered aluminum on one side and left the oxide on the other side. I also put clay on the side with oxide. I wrapped the powder with alumium foil. I turned on the vacuum pump and it still has small leaks. I used a plastic seal for one heater end. It worked and then I changed it to a melted glass seal. I used a small transformer that may have been from a nichrome wire heater sealer. I left the transformer plugged in for up to 20 minutes with the pump on. I used the diodes for small ac adapter to change ac to dc. About 100 milliamps forward and 2 milliamps reverse current. These diodes can be left on for years. So for the solar cells the diodes need to be tested and modified. You can see current in any common led, any color.

Do you want to make a solar cell or solar panel ? If you want to make a solar panel then it is ok but if you are planning to make solar cell then you must have a b.....i......g pocket. Material is very very cheep - sand. But the technology is not.

Of course, you can make some kind of solar cell by using photo diode or led as power generating device but that will be a crude method to use it as a solar cell.

You can - Can you make a good, efficient, high output one - probably not.


6 years ago

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The making of solar cell uses the element Silicone found in sand and
is produced in a  high temperature 2577ºF crystal doped oven and the
resulting ingot is sliced into diffusable wafers

There are amorphous solar cells also made of silicone but cheaper and
less efficient variants.