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how can i make a wireless power that can turn on a motor in a distance? Answered

hi every one,
     i would like to know how can make a wireless power supply for at least  some meters so as to turn on my plane motor.


I am actually starting experiments with this but I don't see it being convenient for a RC plane the methods you would need would supply very poor power transfer and even if you did manage to handle that there would still be the doppler effect to consider, this would cost a lot of money and weigh a lot more than a battery.


7 years ago

There is a company called LaserMotive which made news using lasers to power very light RC-Helicopters.  They essentially proved they could keep the micro-flyer aloft indefinitely.

As kevinhannan pointed out, laser-power is not feasible for heavier objects, but you may find some success with a RC project.

Not to long ago I watched a tv programme which discussed this problem in detail. The idea was to lauch an object using remote power. Not only was this massively difficult, the power transfer was also extremely poor. In the scenario I watched, the power was transferred via laser pulses to a receiver which powered the object. An undisclosed amount of power was needed to raise the object just a few metres - the power amount required was suggested to be very large - perhaps they don't like us to know how powerful their lasers are - incidentally which was cooled by ice water.

If you can solve this problem, you will be massively rich and a hero to NASA.

Tech exists, but resonant coupling isn't ideal for plane applications -- best you can do is if its electric, use an appropriately sized battery.