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how can i make a wireless switch to on of a dc motor.......i don't want any readymade remote ....can anyone help me out? Answered

i know how radio and wireless technology works .....but i m lil.perplexed about the circuitry ....so plzzz answer the ques with reasoning and diagram with appropriate values of the components needed...[.just for the the reader knowledge i m new at wireless]


Does it have to be radio?  I have a great schematic that works with an IR light.

If it does have to be radio, do you want AM or FM? 

CW or PCM?

Single or multichannel?

NO or NC?

Momentary or continuous?

What voltage and current does the motor use?

And also: What do you need the switch to do that requires building from scratch instead of using/hacking an existing device?

Good point. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go finish building my giant plasma TV. I'm almost finished synthesizing the plastic for the case, and I only have two more mounting screws to chisel out of rod stock.

Yes, but I had to electrolyze the hydrogen from collected rainwater. I'm not sure how many volts, because I'm not quite done scratchbuilding a voltmeter yet. I'm estimating somewhere between 5 and 500 K.

Yup. The hard part is drawing the pennies through the die with my teeth,

There's an article in the new Make magazine about doing a "stone age telegraph" which would appreciate your philosophy ;-) Steve

If you built a continuous rotation servo, you could use that to wind up your wire and maybe wind your coils. You could probably use the motor from and a/c fan.

This depends upon some extent to whether you cost your labour or not.


voltage=5v-9v.....and current idk..... i want to make a am single channel remote that just on/off my motor:)

So you want it to lock on or be on only when the transmitter is on?