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how can i make fm transmitter antenna? Answered



6 years ago

Here is an FM antenna made out 300 ohm twin lead wire.

Very easy :-)   .   .  .  .   A


Gotcha, just put a wire onto your house. A oscillator right, the one you are working on, like mine? Yes, that is the best way. It is your choice, best result is having two tall poles , distance about 50 feet or some distant, and then tie the one end of the wire, tie another end and go to your transmitter like the picture shown !!! (NOTE:DRAWN IN MY IPAD 2 AND SCANNED WITH MY PRINTER, NOT A WHITEBOARD!!!)


As steveastrouk says, a piece of wire straight up in the air will work. Or you could try one of the calculators found here. The simplest would be this one. To find out more about antennae, look it up at ARRL's website.


Thanks Quercus I also want to know what is the best replacement for transistor BLX15 in India

A piece of wire. Find the transmission frequency, make antenna = 75/Freq in Mhz metres long