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how can i make good soil for watermelons.naturally? Answered


Dig in lots and lots of mulch, manure and peat moss.  After a few weeks take 3-4 samples and get it tested or purchase a cheap home test kit to test the ph of the soil.  Get your seeds or plants and match the soil ph to the recommended level.  This can be done naturally by using gypsum or limestone etc. to correct the ph.

The bed should be pretty large cause they will run. and each plant should be limited to 4-5 melons to provide the 5 with all the nutrients they need and you'll get the best tasting meat.

You will need a rich water-retentive soil for watermelons.  I'd suggest a mix of compost (from the compost heap), normal garden soil and well-rotted horse manure.   That will stay moist easily and provide loads of nutrient.