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how can i make my own firesteel? Answered

is there any way i can make a small firesteel keyring and if there is can you post a link to instructions for it!!! thanks!!!


fire-steel is actually not easy to make. fire steel is an "pyrophoric . usually fire-steel is made by extruding an alloy of: A) cadmium-iron-carbon B) boron-phporus-iron-carbon C) boron-manganese-iron-carbon and so on... they're steel rods softened by an additive and/or have increased flamabily from another additive.

I once had a "Mountain Man" at a Boy Scout encampment show us how to make fire steel. First, he had taken an old garage door spring, heated it, and let the high-carbon steel slowly cool to take the temper out of it. He then heated it and straightened it out while it was hot. Then, he cut it into 8 to 10 inch sections. Next, he heated coal in about a 24 inch diameter metal bowl-like contraption used for blacksmithing. He threw the rods of steel into the coal and heated it with a bellows until the steel pieces glowed red. We then used tongs to pull out a piece and shaped it with hammers and pliers into a semi-flattened, C-like shape that would fit around the knuckles of your hand and grip your index and pinky fingers. Then we reheated the metal to glowing red. Next, we took out the steel piece and dropped it into cold water to temper it.

To use it to light charcloth, you put the steel around your fist and strike it on something hard and sharp-edged, like a chipped piece of flint. Here's an excellent article about making charcloth:  http://www.northwestjournal.ca/I1.htm

I suppose this would also work if you just left the steel in the shape of a straight rod and scraped it with a sharp knife or other hard and sharp-edged implement. It is the burning bits of steel, and not the flint, that makes the spark.