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how can i make my phone camera a spy camera Answered

I want to make a spy cam with a phone camera i even tried but didint work out so well. That way i can have spy camera in my class room is it possible to connect those 9v battery to a dissasmbled phone camera. Anothere qestion is if i manage to do this connectin is it olso possible to add a memory to the camera so that the camera will transmit the video o the momory or should i just make a bluetooth connection. I hope this question will bring some answears Thank you very much and my respects. Im waiting for a reply im most of the day online. Dragos


What could you possibly need a spy cam in class for?


9 years ago

What did you try?

...Most phone camera are mounted onboard.... as well as all the IC's that controll it... and there all microscopic.

This is aspy camera for 20$

Personally, i think you would be best looking for something like this readymade, or a make it yourself kit.