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how can i make space in lock disk c Answered

hi guys i have a problem in my PC i want to make some space in local disk C but i don't know why i show 130 MB out of 19.5 GBfree even i don't  have that much stuff in that folder. i think there is a some kind of folder that i need to delete :P i am just so confuse help me people
even i can't explain that good :P tell me where it will be or something :) 



How big is the HDD? Is this the C drive on your PC? If this a single folder on the C drive?

From the sounds of it you only have a 20GB drive and that is quite small. But if the drive is much larger than that but is only showing that you have a total of 19.5Gb then you have other issues. You may have a large chunk of your drive that hasn't been partitioned yet or a large chunk of your drive is corrupted and unusable.

It doesn't take long for 20GB of space to get used up. Especially if it's the partition that holds the OS. When XP (assuming your running XP) first came out it took up about 4 gigs of HDD space. With the subsequent service pack and updates that have come out since it can easily take up 10 gigs or more. Then you have all the drivers and other software you've installed over time. While much of your data may be on other partitions there is still bits that are stored on the partition with windows.

You really don't get any benefits by having multiple partitions on a single drive. Unless your want to run a couple of different OSs. Then you need to partition the drive out to accommodate each OS. It would probably be a good idea to back up your files and reformat and reinstall everything onto a single partition. Then you won't have as many issues with running out of HD space. BTW your HDD being short on space shouldn't affect your gaming. Unless the drive is very fragmented or the system doesn't have enough RAM to support the game. If the system starts to run out of RAM it starts to use empty space on the HDD as RAM. They call this Virtual Memory. When this happens game performance drops drastically since the HDD is the slowest point in any PC.

Either way i still recommend getting a bigger HDD. 60Gb gets used up way too fast.


5 years ago

hey i have 60 GB in my computer and i have 3 folders local disk C D E . Even i don't have that much stuff in program files and also in libraries but am still confuse why it is showing this :(

So you have named 3 different folders on this drive and C, D, and E or did you partition the drive into 3 separate partitions? When was the last time you ran disk cleanup?

If the drive is 60Gb and the drive only shows 19.%Gb then your missing some space. So you may want to go to the command prompt and run check disk. Type chkdsk C: into the command prompt. This will scan the drive for corrupted sectors and try to fix them. Considering the drive is so small it may be time to back up all your data and get a new HDD for your system. If the drive is more than 5 years old (and i suspect it is) then replacing it will be a good idea anyway. Typically after 5 years drives start to become unreliable. If a 5 year old drive starts getting a bunch of corrupted sectors that is usually an indication it's on it's last legs.

Hey thank man i tried disk clean up thing that gave me 2.79 GB free space in driver C and i did partition in to 3 folders Driver C E and D and each folder have 20 GB and this was my first time i did ran disk clean up and my HDD is 5 year old. its just 3 year old :) but why still drive c shows that it has that much stuff in it :( and because of that its hard for me to play games on computer :( but thanks man :)

Get yourself a copy of TreeSize Free and you can see where the space is being gobbled up.