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how can i make your own caps for a cap gun? Answered

you might say"why" but can i make my own caps and what are they made out of


Crush up some match heads into a fine powder on a sticky note. Then scrape some of the red phosphorous on the side of the box onto a separate pile on the sticky note or a separate sticky note. Make sure both powders are fine. You want 3 part match head and 1 part red phosphorous. Mix them together in a cup and poor it into your caps or onto a brick or whatever and hit it with a hard impact. !WARNING! IT IS SUPER LOUD!!! WEAR EARPLUGS OR SOMETHING!! I MADE A LARGE PILE AND SET IT OFF SUPER CLOSE TO MY HEAD; IT WAS SO LOUD THAT MY EARS RANG FOR 2 DAYS STRAIGHT AND I PROBABLY PERMANENTLY DAMAGED MY HEARING!!!!

what type of powder do you use and i need to know what materials i need and the process if thats posable thnx ;)

ya need to soak match heads(strike anywhere) in water for a day then take them out and girnd them up with petsle and mortar then leave them to dry out indoors natturally then take a bit of powder and put it in the used cap and push the little paper circle in the more powder the louder but dont fill 1 up to the top the powder is also known as armstorngs mixiture

You do know theres this little button on the bottom right part of the keypad called a PERIOD, right?

Actually...i think you could make something that ignites from being hit with matches..probably scraping off the stuffs from the match head and from the striking pad then keeping and grounding them...Seperately or theyll explode before you want them too then mixing them together inside a cap...so typically you are just reloading caps and not making them. another way to reload a cap is to use those paper blister caps.

okay, i remember reading it somewhere so that scource must be wrong!!! nop?

yup its probbally wrong. its a common mistake because they are so simlar and sometimes arm mix is used with blackpowder

sorry, but i think the answer is you cant because they are made on specilly moulded rings with a small amount of gunpowder sealed inside it( when the small metal hammer inside it strikes it it explodes and makes a bang!!!) you would need to get gunpowder and a mould to make the holder ring for the caps and also some sort of plastic to actullay make the ring out of!!!!!!!

nope your are complety wrong i later found that its made with an armstrong mixture(google it) and contains no gun powder .also some caps are on pieces of paper

yes, but if you look at some cheap caps they will be on a red plastic ring to hold them in!!!! the cheaper ones used to be made of gunpowder but they must have changed that now!!! anyway, have fun making them

nop its always been the armstrong mixture gunpowder dosent go off that easly.and armstrong is way more powerful than gunpowder