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how can i put internet on my psp? Answered

ok my psp does not work if i put my password and my internet does not work too so i want to fix it and i want some help plz



I have my own psp and play online with that and go on the playstation network store. whatever you do don't go on the internet without a much memory e.g. 200 megabites because it is very slow and sometimes dosn't load pictures. I only know how to enter wireless connection heres how to do it (mines a telstra bigpond wireless device.
1 go to the network settings in the settings menu 
2 go on it and go to the infrastucture mode
3 click on new connection
4 go on scan
5 it should come up with an acces point which you click on
6 it should say SSID and the connection name. if it dosen't find it in the instructions book for the wireless connection device and type it in
7 select the security setting
8 type in the WPA key (password found on the wireless device or wireless instruction booklet)
9 it should say address settings, go easy (i did that)
10enter connnection name and your save.

I can't seem to get the ssid so can you give me a website where I can get it from?