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how can i remove epoxied/glued on metal mesh from plastic speaker grilles? Answered

how can i remove the little disk of metal mesh from the center of my plastic speaker grilles without splitting or badly damaging the plastic?

I have component speakers for my project as thats all i could source, but for lack of space i want to effectively convert them back to coaxial by removing the mesh disk and mounting the tweeters in the resulting hole.

EDIT: finally got to a computer where i could add images. In the meantime i decided the best way to solve my dilemma was attacking it with a dremel (clearly the safest option... ¬¬), against all odds this has appeared to have worked though...


Most speaker covers are held in with clips that you can't see from the outside, or with rubber type knobs that are pressed into holes (on the inside) to keep the cover in place. In either case, you'll need something thin, but strong to get between the cover and body to either press against a clip (that you have to try and look for) to release the clip; or if it's a rubber knob, pulling on the cover will remove it. Just make sure whatever tool you use won't scratch or gouge the body or cover.

Beyond that, you'll really need to post some images.

Do you have a picture of it?
Having not seen it judicious use of acetone comes to mind.