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how can i remove this virus? Answered

ok. so i have a virus on my computer, and i do not know how it got there. i did not install anything (or didnt know i did)
and it is here. it is called Live Security Platinum. 
my warranty may already be voided due to me upgrading to 8gb RAM, and so im probably screwed unless i get rid of it.
it will not allow me to run microsoft security essentials, Norton, or even task manager. 
i really like my computer and would actually cry if it died. so please help. if you have any ideas, then comment.
(ps: it is spyware)

i have gotten rid of live security platinum, but now i have a rootkit and a Trojan...
:( so how can i reinstall windows?
also, i dont have a windows disk...
LOL just typical i have to get 3 viruses on Friday the 13th...  -_-



6 years ago

A good tech can remove most viruses without re-iinstalilng the OS. Download avgfree and install in the safe networking mode. Then run it. Then do the same with spybot. Even better download TRK (Trinity rescue kit). boot with it and clean your system.


6 years ago

Best way to get rid of a virus is to wipe the HDD and re install everything.

what about windows?
most of the stuff that i use on my HDD is on the cloud anyway,
but i dont have an install disk for windows.
do i have to buy windows again???

The manufacture should have included either a separate recovery partition on the drive or a set of disks that will restore the system to its factory settings. That way if anything goes wrong you can wipe the drive and get windows re installed. You should be able to contact the manufacture and give them some information and they can either give you a download or ship you the disks. Though they may charge you a bit for the service but its better then spending $100 on a new OEM copy of windows.


6 years ago

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