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how can i repair antimonium? Answered

I have this antimonium piece that is supposed to hold on to a shaft with a set screw, the thing is that the screw hole is just to big, I need a way to make it smaller, and hard enough to hold the 3x3mm set screw in place.


I'd get a smaller pipe and JB Weld it into the original hole. You might have to bore out the original hole a little (with a drill or rasp) to accomadate the new small pipe. If it needed threads, I'd cut those before JB welding it in place.

depending on how much bigger the hole is to the original screw you could get a piece of thin walled pipe to put in the hole to make it smaller. Or, depending if you want to be able to remove the screw later or not, put the screw in and fill the surrounding area with epoxy resin.

Got a reference for that ? I've Googled 6 pages of "Antimonium" and not got that reference ! Antimony is not, AFAIR, a very "nice" metal to handle. Steve

No one calls it that, but if you search for "aluminium antimony alloy" you'll find the stuff very easily. The pieces are obviously die-cast from low-ish melting-point metal. L

What happened to this that the hole is too big? I'm assuming that it used to be OK. You'll maybe need to look at a different fixing to the set-screw, or a bigger screw? L