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how can i run a car with the use of magnets? Answered



Attach a long pole to the front of the car and mount a strong magnet underneath the end, so the north pole of the magnet is facing the car.
Attach another strong magnet to the radiator grille of the car, with the south pole facing forward.
Release the handbrake, and the magnet on the pole will pull the car forward by magnetic attraction.  However, as the car moves forward, the magnet on the pole will move forward too, so the car will continue accelerating. 
To reverse, turn one of the magnets round so the two like poles repel.

Of course it would work!  It's the same principle as dangling a carrot on a stick in front of a donkey and cart.  The donkey goes forward to get to the carrot, but it always stays out of reach.

Isaac Asimov used a similar process as a possible use of Thiotimoline in space and time travel.  Thiotimoline is a substance which is so soluble that it dissolves just before it touches water.  It is able to do this as it contains a carbon bond which extends into the near future.  By 'taunting' resublimated thiotimoline with imminent contact with water the substance will pull whatever it is in contact with forward and into the future.

but the thing is, that the magnet is attached to the pole, and the pole is exerting force on the hood

(take a small pole, and powerful magnets, stick the magnets to the pole, attacting each other, and let go of the pole)

what will happen? nothing!!

I'm with you, Marge. Lisa! Get in here.
[Lisa walks in, chuckling nervously]
In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!


. . . but you can understand why people think that magnets (and gyroscopes) have special powers.  When you play with them you can feel a 'touch of strange' about them. 
I made my first 'perpetual motion' machine when I was in my early teens, using a couple of magnets on a rotor and 'shielding' the poles as they approached the centre-point with the strips of laminate core from a mains transformer.
It didn't work #;¬)  

Stick one magnet (preferably a large, 250+ gram, rare-earth type) to the back of your gas pedal.  Fill the tank of the car with gas, and start the engine.  The magnet should be attracted to the steel body of the car and pull the gas pedal down.

Be sure to wear your seat belt!

can you help explain the post right below this?

Andy was being sarcastic, Alex.  Of course his idea doesn't work -- it's just a variation on the old "overbalanced wheel" perpetual motion machine.

Attach a small metal loop to a magnet. Obtain a fishing pole, and fasten the magnet to the line. Use the fishing pole to cast the magnet toward the car, and allow it to land and affix itself to a steel part, preferably the hood. Reel in the fishing pole. Be sure to use heavy fishing line, 12-pound test is a minimum.

Use the magnets to build an electric motor and/or generator.

Or use them to attach the car to something that has a motor and can pull it.

Seriously: A magnet is not a battery. And while it is possible to extract some energy from the process of demagnetizing a magnet, it certainly isn't enough to run a car. Maybe not even a toy car, at least not for long.

Stick magnets to the car. What sort of use were you thinking of?